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Thinking of going out bow hunting this season? Here's all you need to know about the benefits of archery clothing.

Bow hunting is a pastime that we all enjoy. You get to shoot, use your bow, patrol the woodland, and enjoy the fruits of your labor at the end of it all. Yes, you need to spend a certain amount of time in the forest soaked to the skin and re-evaluating your life decisions, but it always comes good in the end. Every successful takedown means you are one step closer to your goal: providing for yourself and your family with nothing but your equipment, your knife, and the few arrows in your quiver.

Today, we want to discuss what you need for a successful hunt as an archer. Here is your guide to what to pack and why.

What Do You Need For An Archery Hunt?

Wondering what to pack on your next archery hunt? Here's our advice on what to bring on your next archery hunt.

The Bow

First things are first: you need a good bow. A standard recurve is fine, but for taking down animals you need two things: extra poundage and the knowledge that you will not miss. Opt for something in a 40lb plus bow and scale-up for bigger animals. You can take out a rabbit with a 26lber, but if you want to take down a stag, you're going to need upwards of 60lb minimum. Crossbows are highly effective in this area, as are compound bows with an attached sight. We would always recommend sight shooting for hunting animals.

Just bought a brand-new crossbow for hunting? Don't go hunting with it. Simple as. If you miss an animal and it's out in the wilderness bleeding, you are responsible. The prey will escape, some other animal will get it, and you have that on your conscience.

Archery Clothing: The Camo

Next, let's talk about the bow hunting camo. Research suggests that only predatory animals can see real colors, but animals like deer can pick out blocks of pattern that don't fit in with their surroundings. If you rock up to your archery hunt in denim and a blue shirt, animals will spot you faster than someone using a camo jacket and trousers.

Camo comes in two forms: you can blend into your surroundings, or your surroundings can blend into you. One of these is called mimicry and it is prevalent in nature. Look at a butterfly's wings to see mimicry. Using colors and shapes of the surroundings is the best way to mimic animals in their natural habitat. Otherwise, choose a camo that reflects the time of year and the environment you are hunting in, or you might as well stick to the denim.

Archery Clothing: The Layers

No matter whether you choose hunting camo for crossbow hunting or not, one factor remains the same. You must dress in layers to get the best results. Start with a merino wool base layer and add comfort layers on top as you go. The more layers you have, the better you can regulate your body temperature in the field. Nobody wants to get wet, so make sure you have a waterproof layer on top and that you wear high-quality boots.

Benefits To Performance and Durability

Getting your gear right for an archery hunt means getting the right products to do the job. This gives you better durability in the field, meaning you don't need to go home if a piece of your kit breaks or if you don't think it can support you in the correct weather conditions. Benefits to proper gear include higher success rates, better health, and fewer mistakes. Can you really afford not to be prepared for your next hunt?

Best Bows and Crossbows for Hunting

  • Compound Bows
  • Recurve Bows
  • Traditional Bows
  • Compound Crossbows
  • Recurve Crossbows
  • Reverse Draw Crossbows
  • Pistol Crossbows
  • Rifle Crossbows
  • Tactical Crossbows

Archery Clothing and Hunting
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